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MULTIVITAMINS Have MULTIPLE Effects During Pregnancy


Multivitamins do more than supply the necessary folic acid for growing babies, according to a population study conducted at the University of Pittsburgh.

Researchers there found that women in early pregnancy who took a multivitamin or prenatal vitamin regularly reduced their risk of preeclampsia by 45%. Preeclampsia, which causes elevated blood pressure and protein in the urine, is a leading cause of premature delivery and fetal death.

“If you find yourself having trouble taking prenatal vitamins or you’re having unwanted side effects, talk to your doctor about other, safe options,” advises Jennifer Shu, MD, pediatrician and co-author of Heading Home with Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality.

And always tell your doctor or midwife about all the dietary supplements you take, including herbal remedies

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Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to all our Wonderful customers who have supported Haute Mama is 2013 . We really appreciate and welcome all the generous support we received  and hope you will all  continue to do so and recommend us to all your expectant friends, Our Big Winter sale will be in full swing after Christmas so log on to avail of our special price reductions.

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Focus Friday: Eating for Two

Official health guidelines published recently indicate that expectant moms who follow traditional advice to ‘eat for two’ during pregnancy face an increased risk of complications in subsequent pregnancies.

The Guardian reports that the view that mothers-to-be should ‘eat for two’ is a myth, and that such advice is likely to make pregnant women gain excess weight that they might find difficult to shift. Gaining even one or two pounds can put you at risk of health complications in subsequent pregnancies, and moms are advised to lose all their baby weight before getting pregnant again.

“A woman’s energy needs only increase in the last three months of pregnancy, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (Nice) says, and then only by around 200 calories a day – less than an average chocolate bar.”

Dammit. That’ll be why I kissed goodbye to my size 10 skinny jeans when I said hello to my baby boy back in January 2010 then. It seems so cruel to tell me this now, two babies and roughly two stone later. And I don’t know about you but my extra calorie consumption during pregnancy had little to do with the idea that I was supposed to eat for two, and everything to do with the fact that fatigue and nausea only seemed to let up when I gorged myself on carbs. Mind you, three years later that sounds like a lame excuse for the extra inches that are still hanging around.

“But Nice also warns against trying to lose weight too quickly, and says media stories about celebrity claims of ‘unrealistic and rapid weight loss’ after pregnancy were unhelpful. ‘This may create additional pressure on women to lose weight inappropriately at an already stressful time,’ its guidance says. Pregnant women should also be told that moderate physical activity, like cycling to work, will not harm them or their unborn children.”

So we shouldn’t gain weight or eat for two, but we shouldn’t lose weight too quickly either. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. What do you think of the guidelines? Did you eat for two and struggle to lose the baby weight? Does anyone really feel pressure to lose weight after giving birth because of all those post-pregnant skinny celebs? Am I completely alone in seeing those pics as legitimate reason to console myself with another custard cream? Joking aside, how do you really feel about your post-pregnant pounds?

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Haute Mama Mummy Rant – Working 9-5

I recently returned to work from maternity leave. I had been off work for about 7 months and honestly, I couldn’t wait to get back into things. I have the luxury of being able to work part time 3 days per week with the added luxury of having my mother as childminder. So, you might say things couldn’t be more perfect.

Can Mum’s “Have it all?”

That is until I encountered what every new mother must encounter post pregnancy – the renowned judgemental mommy! In the lead up to my (much anticipated) return to work, I had been asked many, many times if I was dreading going back to work and I, stupidly and honestly, answered that I couldn’t be more excited, that I love my job, I love the focus it gives me, how it’s so demanding and different from being a mother. I soon realised that this is not the answer most people want to hear.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my son and I love being a mother but having that define me for the past 7 months has been difficult. This is absolutely no reflection on full time mothers – I have infinite respect for any woman who devotes all their time and energy to their children. This takes the patience and compassion of a saint in my opinion. So with this in mind, doesn’t a working mum deserve the same respect or perhaps, dare I say, even MORE respect to be able to earn a living, maintain a successful career, juggle the demands of being a mum as well as unconditionally loving and nurturing her child? Hey, I’m only doing this part time and I’m finding it difficult.A recently published book by Angela Neustatter “A Home for the Heart, Home as the Key to Happiness” extolls the horrors of a working mum against the

Angela Neustatter, Author

virtues of stay-at home mum.  How a working mother is, in effect, damaging her child. But in the days of a recession and on-going financial difficulties for most families, isn’t it now nearly a necessity for women to work?

You have to weigh it up – are you going to damage your children more by being a working mum or should you just stay at home and let them go without new shoes, or books for school or even the most basic human rights like food and heat?

This argument doesn’t even have to be about money. I know from my own experience that I am a much more contented, balanced person when I can have a break from my son. I can then return to him with more love and appreciation for the bundle of joy that he is. When my husband returned to work after I gave birth he would say jokingly that he would go to work for a break (as any new father with a newborn can appreciate) but now I completely understand where he was coming from.

So the question I need to ask is can you love your child but also love your career. And is the sacrifice that you have to pretend you don’t?

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Excercise good for Baby’s Brain

Taking regular exercise while pregnant boosts a newborn baby’s brain development, research has shown.

Just 20 minutes moderate exercise three times a week was enough to give infant brains a head start, scientists have found. The benefits could have an impact on a child’s entire life, according to researchers attending the Neuroscience 2013 congress in San Diego .U.S.A.

Study leader Professor Dave Ellemberg from the University of Montreal in Canada said ‘Our research indicates that exercise during pregnancy enhances the newborn baby’s brain development.

‘While animal studies have shown similar results, this is the first randomised controlled trail in humans to objectively measure the impact of exercise during pregnancy directly on the newborn brain. We are hopeful and optimistic that this will encourage women to change their health habits, given that the simple act of exercising during pregnancy could make such a difference for their child’s future.

In the past, women would be advised to take it easy and rest during pregnancy. Now it is widely accepted that too little exercise can be harmful to mother and baby.


Acknowledgments: John Von  Radowitz  :

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Baby Brain: The Dilemma of Ditherhood

We’ve all been there.  Standing in the landing, scratching our heads, trying desperately to remember what we came upstairs for in the first place. As if it isn’t enough to be dealing with the demands of a forming foetus or bouncing bundle, it sometimes feels like a fog of forgetfulness has descended. In its midst are the equivalent of “senior moments”, or should I say “maternity and motherhood moments”.

This commonly reported phenomena has many names “baby brain drain”, “placenta brain”, “preg head”, and most commonly “baby brain” – and is characterised by memory loss and concentration lapse. While opinion varies considerably on its magnitude and longevity, the one thing we can all agree on is that the daft deeds that you’d never have done before, or could even imagine yourself doing, suddenly become the norm during the pregnant and post-partum periods. 

Some medical experts may try to dispel baby brain as a myth but we mothers know better having experienced it first-hand time and again. Plus there’s proof! An Australian analysis of 14 research studies conducted across the globe since 1990 provided “clear cut findings” that pregnancy affects memory for up to 80% of pregnant women and new mothers. According to the study, “The results indicate that pregnant women are significantly impaired on some, but not all, measures of memory. And, specifically, those that place relatively high demands on executive cognitive control may be selectively disrupted.” It described these deficits as “very, very subtle”.

The Cause

So is it fair to blame the bump? Do we in fact donate brain cells to the baby within?

A study by the Bradford Institute for Health Research found that women in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy tend to suffer a loss of spatial memory (the recall of locations and positions of objects), concluding that “altered hormone levels during pregnancy may affect brain regions [the hippocampus] involved in memory processing.”

I’m sure many of us can relate to the following scenario relayed to me by a friend: “I regularly find myself looking for things around the house as I can’t remember where I left them. I can’t tell you how many times I use the landline to call my missing mobile phone! My husband also bought me a GPS because of the number of SOS calls I make to him asking for directions to the same destination.”

Hormonal surges, particularly increased levels of progesterone which can often cause headaches, mood swings and fatigue, are thought to be a culprit in baby brain. Other contributing factors are believed to be changes to routine, sleep deprivation and the increased appetite caused by pregnancy.

The Effects

The effects of the condition vary vastly among expectant and new mothers. They can be as simple as forgetting things (well-known phone numbers, appointments, errands, etc.), misplacing things (losing objects, mistakenly putting clothes in the bin, etc.), or doing things in error (endless possibilities).

I’m rather ashamed to say that I inadvertently shoplifted a sun hat and socks having stashed them in the Phil and Teds’ hood for safekeeping. I genuinely got preoccupied at the till, where I was exchanging other items to the tune of my baby’s tired tones, and only discovered the loot on opening up the buggy again later that day. (In my defense, I called the shop to admit the theft and to settle the debt.)

Some of the stories from my friends, who shall remain nameless, are other typical examples of the outcomes – leaving front doors wide open or not locking them when going out; putting toilet paper in the fridge; walking out of the supermarket without paying for items consumed on the way around; driving off with the buggy left sitting in the car park; and possibly even forgetting a child’s date of birth. Don’t dare try to tell me that there’s no reason or rationale for intelligent women suddenly becoming ditsy and distracted like this!

Do you know the TV add currently running on RTÉ for McDonald’s Breakfast? The one where the bathrobe-clad woman puts the milk in the washing machine and another two-odd-shoe-wearing woman tries to pull the push door before being ushered into the restaurant by a smiley McD’s staffer? I confess that when I first saw the ad, I thought it was an awareness-raising campaign for baby brain!

I’ve read that this dilemma of ditherhood is only temporary although the Australian study cited above suggests that memory may be impaired for up to a year after birth. However, as I look at my two-year-old toddler wearing his shoes on the wrong feet, I wonder if this is entirely accurate!

We at Haute Mama would love to hear your thoughts and experiences so please send us your comments or stories…

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Autumn/Winter Collection now in!

Here at Haute Mama we pride ourselves in stocking good quality stylish maternity wear  to suit the hard working busy expectant Mom. Just arrived in stock is our new Autumn /Winter collection of fabulous maternity wear  to see you through every occasion this Winter. Our gorgous Carissa  and Dacja  dresses are  selling out fast at only 67.00 euro these  dresses  are a  must for any special occasion. For casual maternity  wear for the office or for just going out with friends for dinner or cinema we can recommend the lovely Holly dress or Nicola both of these dresses are a mere 57.00 euro and are offer  excellent quality and value .

muretMuret Dress is a nice Casual dress . It has a lace style pattern and come in a lovely charcoal grey/black colour. Cost only 47.00 euro . Team this super funky dress with black tights your favourite boots and look a million dollars!

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Check out our website for a huge selection of good quality maternity wear you will be sure to find something nice to wear this coming Winter.

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Daddy Time

Baby has arrived home and Mom and Dad are very excited . Sometimes Dad can feel a little left out as Mom takes over the major tasks in taking care of Baby . If Mom is breastfeeding Dad can feel he does not have  a real role in taking care of their new little bundle. Here are some suggestions for dad so he can be become more involved in the family unit and have special daddy time with baby .

Babies love fresh air, so take your little bundle for a stroll around the park, you could use a sling instead of your stroller. This will keep baby close to you throughout the walk. Just be sure baby is well wrapped up if the weather is cold or if the weather is warm , well protected from the sun or insects .

Set aside time every night to play with baby  Make it part of his daily routine, so when you come home from work he expects his Daddy time. You may want this to be a mommy-only task, but diaper duty is also a time to bond. Even though it may be a little bit stinky , you get to talk to her and make silly noises as she gets a fresh change.

Babies love music so take the opportunity to turn on some nice music and have a little swing to the grooves ! When Baby is not  well it’s important for you to take care of him too, not just Mom , so take a day off to stay home with him. Try to go to health d check ups too, so you can hear from the doctor how he’s developing and growing.

Its really important that Baby has his special Daddy time  he gets to know your smell and feels safe and secure with his Dad.

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Morning Sickness


Before becoming pregnant you probably thought morning sickness meant dashing to the loo the minute you got out of bed, throwing up and that’s it for the day. I don’t think so.  . Whoever decided to call it “morning sickness” was probably sleeping through the day because it doesn’t discriminate between the morning, afternoon, or evening. Speaking from experience I only ever got morning sickness in the evening, whilst cooking dinner, the smell of the food would be enough.  In freezing winter the back door would be wide open to “let in some air” A sure cure.

There’s no clear answer as to why nausea occurs during pregnancy, although it’s believed that it’s due to hormonal changes, that’s usually the answer given as its not fully understood why it happens. .The nausea generally is never too overwhelming and by second trimester you should be relieved of it, mostly. But, if your nausea and vomiting are excessive, then talk to your doctor because it may be hyper emesis gravidarum, a rare complication that results in a poor intake of fluids and food (and a hungry baby).

Although you can’t really prevent morning sickness, studies show that women who took multivitamins before conception are less likely to get nauseous. Also if you feel nauseous in the morning a slice of dry toast works wonders!

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