Morning Sickness


Before becoming pregnant you probably thought morning sickness meant dashing to the loo the minute you got out of bed, throwing up and that’s it for the day. I don’t think so.  . Whoever decided to call it “morning sickness” was probably sleeping through the day because it doesn’t discriminate between the morning, afternoon, or evening. Speaking from experience I only ever got morning sickness in the evening, whilst cooking dinner, the smell of the food would be enough.  In freezing winter the back door would be wide open to “let in some air” A sure cure.

There’s no clear answer as to why nausea occurs during pregnancy, although it’s believed that it’s due to hormonal changes, that’s usually the answer given as its not fully understood why it happens. .The nausea generally is never too overwhelming and by second trimester you should be relieved of it, mostly. But, if your nausea and vomiting are excessive, then talk to your doctor because it may be hyper emesis gravidarum, a rare complication that results in a poor intake of fluids and food (and a hungry baby).

Although you can’t really prevent morning sickness, studies show that women who took multivitamins before conception are less likely to get nauseous. Also if you feel nauseous in the morning a slice of dry toast works wonders!

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Fashion Friday: Embracing Autumn Style

September, already!

Whether you’re packing little people off to a new term at school or just mourning the all-too-quick passing of your summer holiday, Autumn is all about change, and that’s why I love it. I look forward to Autumn  almost more than I look forward to the start of the summer holidays. I love the sudden change in the air, the way the mornings are still light but infused with a crisp hint of Autumn on its way, and, I admit, I love the excuse to buy new shoes and boots!  My school days might be well behind me but these days I live vicariously through my  children  and there’s nothing quite like that Back-to-School feeling for getting you energised and motivated. T0 me, Autumn  is as much a fresh start as New Year’s Day. More so, in fact, because it doesn’t come with the anti-climax of Dec 31st. And once you’re a grown up, it’s still a great excuse for a bit of Autumnal retail therapy.

If you’re expecting a baby in September/ October it  can also mean an end to the awkwardness of dressing a baby bump for hot summer days. Hurrah! Summer can be tricky when it comes to maternity wear, but Autumn lends itself to lots of layering, which we reckon is key to making your maternity wardrobe work. And right on cue, Haute Mama’s new Autumn collection has just arrived.

We’re especially enamoured with our lovely collection of Black Maternity Dresses from our European supplier.

Finding a jacket that works with a growing bump isn’t easy. Squeezing into non-maternity coats and jackets and leaving the buttons undone can make you feel a bit shabby but maternity options tend to look best in the last few weeks of pregnancy, and even then you run the risk of looking like a pea pod. Our Lovely capes offer the perfect solution to this problem ,  offering a cosy extra layer with just enough stretch to ensure it will fit throughout your pregnancy, and a look that works both dressed up or down. Team it with jeans and baseball trainers for easy weekend chic, or wear it to zen out during yoga or Pilates.

But if glamour’s more your bag, check out our fabulous dresses on our website , perfect for that special occasion. We LOVE maternity wear that carries you effortlessly through from one trimester to the next despite the changing seasons, and our Milly and Holly dresses at €57..00  it’s an affordable staple for any expectant Mom keen to cut a dash in the office party. It’s perfect for this time of year too – team it with heels and bare legs while the weather’s still warm, and cosy it up with knee length boots and tights once the colder nights set it.

Sigh. Is it just us, or does maternity wear like this almost make you feel it’s worth having a baby for?!

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Were you a screamer?

Scream if you wanna!

I recently heard tell from a friend who was due her baby that she was terrified of labour. When I enquired as to why – stupid question you might ask! – She proceeded to tell me that it was from watching the UK programme “One Born Every Minute”. Now, telling this to a woman who refused to listen to birthing stories – horror stories of episiotomies gone wrong or 38 hour labours – I would have the attitude of “You brought it on yourself, love”.

Out of interest and educational purposes of course, I sat down and watched an episode and was both astounded and amazed. I was also terrified beyond belief and I’ve actually gone through labour!

What amazed me though was the animalistic nature of it all. Women panting and screaming like something out of a Hollywood movie. I can’t say I was hugely reserved when having my contractions but my vocal register was not so high that most of south county Dublin could hear me.

In any case, I needn’t have worried. Apparently noises made during contractions or Vocalization, are a positive thing and can help you release pain and manage your painful contractions during active labour. By emitting low moans with your mouth open and jaw dropped to your chest, this can help to release tension and stress. The idea is that if your mouth and jaw are slack the rest of your body should start to relax. Specifically your bottom and pelvic area so this will, in turn, help baby to arrive a bit quicker! Repetitive moaning, low keening or even chanting and singing are found to facilitate an easier birth. By repeating a sound it can focus and calm mum and help to control and manage each contraction. High pitched screams or shouts can heighten a stressful situation and not really help anyone. You might find your partner and most of the mid-wives leaving the room to get away from you.

If you attend pregnancy yoga classes some instructors will encourage you to vocalize during active labour. An “Ommm” sound or even a humming sound can help you control your breathing, to focus on the wave and peak of the contraction and just generally help you to relax.

But if you are looking to have your labour be a relaxed and calm affair maybe give the episodes of “One born every minute” a miss till your 2nd pregnancy. At least then you will REALLY know what to expect.



For more information – click for link


Video of Vocalization – Youtube

Holistic Labour


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Breastfeeding Support a Lifeline for New Mums


New Mothers are being urged to attend one of the 190 support groups across the country to help their child towards healthy growth. Siobhan Hourigan  the HSE National Breastfeeding C0-ordinator,said Breastfeeding is very important for healthy growth and development and gives health protection to the baby that lasts into childhood and beyond.

There is a wonderful network of support groups across the country . Every week there are Mother and baby meetings in health centres, community centres and coffee shops all over the country, having a chat, sharing their experiences and having the expertise of breastfeeding cousellors or health professionals to hand. This support is very important to help Mums breastfeed longer.

Siobhan points out that support is particularly important in the first few weeks after the birth of baby is born to help mothers to establish and continue breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding support groups are provided by the HSE Public health nurse , La Leche League accredited leaders and Ciudiu trained breastfeeding  counsellors around the addition La Leche League and Ciudiu offer telephone support . Friends of Breastfeeding provide a chance to chat with other breastfeeding mums at Mum 2 Mum groups.Knowing that the support is out there can be really helpful whan you have had your baby.

During pregnancy is a good time to seek advice and maybe check out your local support group.

For more information on meeting times of groups see the HSE website.or    or phone 1850241850


Article taken from Health and Living Irish Independent

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New Autumn Collection on the Way!

Our new Autumn Collection is being launched next week Check out our new fabulous collection of dresses from New York .

Here at Haute Mama we have been asked to dress many a baby bump. We are often asked what suits expectant mums and what they should be wearing when their body begins to change shape. This very exciting time can often also be a time of major wardrobe dilemmas!  This really doesn’t have to be the case and we urge all those mums out there to banish the word ‘frumpy’ from their vocabulary! Your beautiful bump should be celebrated, which is why we here at Haute Mama are here to help you sort out all those wardrobe issues.

For daytime relaxed elegance, match a figure hugging dark top try Haute Mama’s Lugo long sleeved Red top 40.00 euro, with a printed scarf (pashmina in size) and a pair of maternity jeans. Wear this with your usual staples such as a comfy  pair of boots or Sketchers and you will certainly put emphasis on the yummy in mummy!

Feel confident enough to show a little bit of flesh in the evening. Skin exposed on décolletage, arms and legs will balance your bump and leave you looking super gorgeous. If you’re self conscious about your décolletage drape a colourful scarf around the neck

Take a tip from the celebrities – they always mix maternity wear with mainline clothes. Buy a size or two up and mix them with pregnancy items, such Haute Mama’s Nuxia Dress  only 57.00 euro .with a plain black cardy.

Often the 3-5 months stage is the most difficult to dress, when you’re not quite big enough for maternity styles! This is the time to wear loose style tops, jeans and everything just that bit bigger than you normally would.

For those days when nothing works, a black wrap dress should still be your staple Here at Haute Mama our New Autumn Collection has a wide selection of Little Black Dress’s. Prices range from 55.00 euro to our Super Sexy Carissa Dress only 75 euro. Perfect for expectant Moms. Always buy for your current size when buying maternity wear. Buying months in advance is a bad idea as you don’t know how you will look as your bump grows, so go from month by month.If you’re happy on the inside you will good on the outside. Getting plenty of rest sleeping well, taking regular exercise and eating properly are vital for a happy pregnancy.


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Tiredness in Pregnancy

Tiredness in pregnancy is very common. You’re growing a baby and that takes lots of energy!

Most women feel tired in the 1st trimester energy levels pick up a bit in the 2nd trimester and the exhaustion arrives in the 3rd trimester! Everyone is different. Hormones, lack of sleep, even just the fact that most of us are still working full time up to the last two weeks in enough in itself to cause extreme tiredness. Low iron levels would be another reason to feel tired. Have your GP check your iron levels next time you go for your check up if you are feeling an over tired.

Going to bed early is an ideal way of coping with tiredness and taking regular naps or rests during the day is very beneficial.

Drink plenty of fluids as sometimes it can be dehydration that’s causing lack of energy, eating a little bit extra helps too. This helps replenish the energy levels and nourish your body during pregnancy.


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Tummy Time!

Until a few years ago the trend was to put babies sleeping on their tummies. This meant baby got very used to this position and had ample opportunity to learn to lift his head and prop on his arms while on his tummy. The introduction of putting babies sleeping on their backs has caused a significant decline in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS or Cot death) which is a very good thing.

Babies get used to sleeping on their backs; this is where they feel at their most comfortable so they often protest very vigorously when placed on their tummies.

Best time to have tummy time is when baby has been fed and rested. He will be less likely to get frustrated if his tummy is full. Make sure you place baby on the floor with a thick blanket so baby is fully protected . Never place baby on the bed unless you can be sure you will not be distracted.  Play with baby while he’s on his tummy, distract him with toys, and place his favourite toys a few inches from his grasp to encourage him to stretch.

All this activity and exercise will help strengthen his neck, spine and leg muscles. 30 minutes a day is ideal. Not all at once, as baby can get upset after a short period of time. Best to do it short segments so baby does not get frustrated. It’s important not force the issue as it can cause baby to have negative associations with tummy time. Try again later when baby is feeling a bit more content.

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Check out our Big Reductions on summer Maternity wear   in order  to make way for Our New Autumn Collection. Still two months left of hot weather left , so cash in now and get great value with our Big Reductions in Summer Stock.  Our very popular Jenny Dress has been reduced down to a mere 30 .00 euro. This super stylish dress was 45.00! Our Lovely  Nati Dress is a soft grey Polka dot will keep you looking cool and elegant in this hot summer weather.

We have huge reductions on a large number of our summer Casual Tops to keep you looking fabulous in this hot summer sun. Don’t Miss Out on these Super Reductions which are only available while stock last

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Staying Active During Pregnancy

The more active and fit you are during pregnancy, the easier it will be for you to adapt to your changing shape and weight gain. It will also help you to cope with Labour and get your figure back after Baby is born.

Its essential to keep up your normal excercise ( swimming  running yoga dancing or walking to the shops is a good excercise. There is good evidence to suggest that  women who are very active during pregnancy are less likely to suffer problems in later pregnancy and in particular whilst in Labour.

If you have not been active before getting pregnant its best to start gently . The safest types of excercise would be ~  Swimming , Yoga , Walking or light Aerobics . Begin with 20 mins 3 times a week and build up till you reach your comfort zone.

Always warm up before excercising and cool down afterwards

Keep active on a daily basis 30 miinutes every day is great

Avoid any type to strain or strenuous excercise

Drink plenty of water

Swimming is an excellent excercise for expectant Mums as the water supports your increased weight

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Hey its great to see the fine weather here at last . Its been a long time coming .! We have a fabulous collection of Dresses, skirts tops and trousers just for you. Check out our lovely White Yoko Skirt with expanded belly band ,perfectly comfortable  for those hot summer evenings. Our White Eldoro Dress look cool and collected in this little dress at any number of occasions over the summer made from 70% Cotton 25% elestane this dress is perfect for keeping cool.Our Lovely Luciana a cream polka dot little number perfect for that special occasion. Check out the website for all our gorgous dresses and tops. Your sure to find something just for you.!

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